A comedy in three acts.

Bill Ash is a distraught down on his luck funeral director whose wife died before they could finish a song they been working on. His mind is no longer on his work and continues to make terrible mistakes. His boss tells him he needs to stop messing up, time to move on after the recent death of his wife Mary and tells him that if he makes any more mistakes he's fired.

Bill and Mary were working on a song together but never finished it.  Bill is awakened in the middle of the night by the local hospital informing him of the death of Dingy the Clown. By mistaking Holy Water for a new type of embalming fluid he brings Dingy back to life. 

The Devil gets wind of what happened and wants that embalming fluid to create the next apocalypse.

It's up to Bill, Dingy and the Grim Reaper to foil the Devil's plan.

The Devil is foiled, The Grim Reaper takes Dingy and Bill finishes the song.