Shot with a noisy 40 year old Super8 film camera to give it a certain vintage feel and look in a contemporary setting. Features some of today's emerging artists as well as established artists.

Trully a labor of love. 

Catherine Ferrara a well-known patron of the arts is a wealthy and manic woman that is obsessed in finding the right art work. Nothing will stop her from getting the desired art.

by Writer-Producer-Director Mike Chinea

Starring Rosemarie Li, Eliezer Ortiz and Anne Arles.

Special appearance by Kristine Caluya and Ben Ramsey

DP: Lawrence Costales

AD: Adrian Tafoya

Production Designer: Paula Myers

Art Direction: Mike Robinson

Production Coordinator: Lisa Zion

Composer: Kristen Baum

Editor: Lupe Hernandez

Art Consultant: Edmundo Deadmundo Duran

Resident Artist/Special Effects Make-up Artist: Susan 'Susie Cue' Molina

Sound: David Luna

Wardrobe: Lori McCarty

Script Supervisor: Jeanette Da Duck

Make-up: Julia Protasova

Assistant to Ms Zion: Kyle Burbank

Production Assistant: Megan Ruf

Special thanks to: Marcy Segura, Joseluis Renteria, Matthew Chinea, Frances Chinea, Jesus Martinez, Oscar Navarro, Nicole Fournier and many many others.

Super8 film, processing and scanning by Pro8mm Burbank, CA.

Complete Cast and Crew to follow.



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